Sunday, August 1, 2010

California Dreamin' - Part Two

CALI 2624

After stuffing ourselves silly at CLIFTON'S CAFETERIA, we headed to the outskirts of CHINATOWN to do a bit of browsing and shopping at the Los Angeles version of the RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR...the dusty dirt parking lot was packed and we were doubtful that we would find a parking space. In the middle of this unremarkable little park were all these tents, teeming with people looking for unique handmade goodies...

CALI 2567

CALI 2570

CALI 2579

CALI 2576

CALI 2578

CALI 2573

CALI 2575

CALI 2581

CALI 2583

Our friends BECKY & AITOR had a booth there, representing for THE SWEETIE PIE PRESS and THE MISANTHROPE SPECIALTY COMPANY...Aitor was in the middle of working on one of his world-famous UNFLATTERING PORTRAITS. They gave away free KETCHUP PACKETS at their table...

CALI 2587

CALI 2588

My sisters Cynthia and Belinda pose underneath Julia's pretty pink parasol...

CALI 2589

CALI 2590

CALI 2591

CALI 2598

CALI 2593

CALI 2594

CALI 2597

After Renegade, Cynthia and I headed out to see our friend Tate at the hospital...we passed by NICKELODEON STUDIOS and the mighty AMOEBA RECORDS on our way there. We also passed by a place called "BIG WANGS"...Cynthia said they sold buffalo wings, but I guess it could be a Chinese take-out place owned by a chinese dude named "Wang"...I guess it could easily be a the name of a gay bar as well...

CALI 2606

CALI 2609

CALI 2611

CALI 2615

We spent about three hours visiting our friend in the hospital...on our way out we saw this awesome MOBILE hanging in the hotel lobby...outside, the sun was setting and the weather started to cool down considerably. I forgot how cold it can get at night in LA, especially since the city is so close to the ocean...

CALI 2625

CALI 2627

CALI 2628

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