Friday, August 27, 2010

Bananagram Winners #1

Joe's the WINNER!

Date: 08-23-10
Winner: Joe Kulik

My baby brother, Joe came to visit us last weekend. We had so much fun going to different restaurants with him here in Athens, plus we got to go to other fun places, like Target and Toys R Us! We also played some rousing rounds of Bananagrams. Here is Joey's winning Bananagram. Check out that vocab!

My losing Bananagrams.
This is my very sad Bananagram. This game was down to the last two letters, and I could have pulled this one off, but the last letter I grabbed was a Z, and we all know that your Bananagram is a clunker after a move like that. I had to take apart at least one third of my puzzle after that move.

Joey and his winning Bananagrams.
Here is the Champ showing off his winning words!


Glue and Glitter said...

Oh, man. I LOVE Bananagrams! My sister introduced me to it last time I was in Florida, and it's so fun!


Yeah, we got addicted to it too, after playing at a friend's party. I think we're going to start posting our winning Bananagrams. It makes the stakes seem much higher knowing that the winner gets their winning combo on the blog, haha! The inventor of Bananagrams died earlier this year...sad. But at least he got to see his invention turn into a national craze...