Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank You Misako Mimoko!

This was drawn on the box Eva sent to me from Spain.

Look! Cute Coffee!
I got my package in the mail from Eva of MISAKO MIMOKO on Friday! I was so excited to get this package all the way form Barcelona, Spain! How thrilling to open everything, and each being cuter than the last. Here are some of the pics I took while opening it up...

Here is a picture of the great package of goodies I got from Eva!
Here are all the goodies wrapped in colored tissue paper, bows, and baker's string!

Eva's letter!
We are doing a swap of handmade goodies. I am a fan of Eva's Etsy Shop ever since I purchased one of her lovely "Dolis y Dolos" of a little doggie, and I am not even a "dog person" but I simply had to have this little pup!

Aw! She even remembered Raoul!

And we both got happy peanuts!
Eva even remembered to include some goodies for Raoul, too. How sweet! Thank you! Here we both got a pink peanut with a tiny smile. Raoul said he liked his all packaged so nice, he is not going to open it.

Misako Mimoko sent to me:
We both got some really cool plastic eyeglasses, too! Awesome! And some buttons with the plush characters, paper tags, a paper kettle doll, charm necklace, and coaster! I plan on wearing the charm tomorrow.

Faux watch from Eva of Misako Mimoko!

Faux watch by Misako Mimoko!
I wore my "fake watch" all day to work and the girls at work really flipped over this! I love it so much, and it fits like a glove. What time is it?

Egg carton, cute buttons, forks, Ghosty, and peanut.
So much fit in that tiny box! Here are some goodies in the little egg carton, vintage buttons, peanut, Friendly Ghost pin, and some bright colored plastic forks!

Cute things from the egg carton!
The egg carton had these toys inside, too...

Beaded purse - reminds me of my childhood.
And this little yellow beaded purse - it reminds me of my childhood. I know I had some of these I got at a street fair when I was in grade school. Remember these?

Misako Mimoko tote! I love the bow tie.
Last, but not least, here is a new tote! I love the bow tie...! Now I am preparing a box for Eva with some of my handmade goodies and treats! It is so much fun swapping with blog crafters!


Cherry said...

I must buy the fake watch NOW!

misako mimoko said...

Wow!! it finally arrived!! hehe :D
Happy you like all the goodies!!
Thanks for sharing all these lovely pics Missy, I enjoyed them very much :). Makes me so happy!
And yess!! the faux watch fits you really well ;) hooray!!
There're lots of badges, you can give them to your friends or family!! or pin them everywhere! ;D
Raoul is so nice not wanting to open it * __ *

Oh! I forgot to tell you that dried flowers are from Portlligat, I picked them on the seaside near to Dali's Museum-House. Love them, I have some bunches around home.

* Cherry has bought her fake watch this same morning ;D, it's been very funny meeting her here!
Thanks ladies ;)

Can't wait to receice your lovely stuff. I love all your artwork!!!
hope you all have a lovely day!


Oh great, Cherry! I got so many compliments on this! My friend at work says it reminded her of these toy watches they had as kids! It is such a cute watch!

Eva - we are working on your box of treats very soon! We look forward to filling up this box! I love the little flowers, too. Oh I would love to go to Dali's!!!


Cherry said...

I nearly exploded from cuteness overload when I saw the watch! I can't wait. 5 o'clock=Happy Hour in my head. :)

Karla said...

so adorable!

sweetie pie press said...

totally adorable. you guys are cut from the same cloth.

i love her softies.