Monday, August 9, 2010

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Oreo flopped while Nilla ate all of her salad.

Nilla eats Oreo's salad while Oreo rests.
Here are some recent pictures to help your Monday along! Nilla and Oreo are good friends, only Nilla likes to visit Oreo at dinnertime - and eat all of her salad! I know! Oreo just lay down and let it happen, too.

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Little paws.
Oreo likes to have some quiet time after dinner. She sometimes likes to have a hay cube, too. We like to play a game by placing all her toys on her wooden castle, then she pulls them all down.

Cleaning my face!


Prairie Dog said...

So cute! I love the first one of Oreo just laying there and sort of eying Nilla as she gobbles up the salad.


Usually Oreo pushes her way in to the bowl too, but she flopped next to it instead (she usually only flops in very relaxed or happy states).