Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Cakes Visit

Happy cakes., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Last week our friends Becky, of Sweetie Pie Press, and Aitor, of Misanthrope Specialty Co., came to stay with us for a few days. They are on "tour" of the USA, having been to many places before hooking up with us here in Athens. They are travelling all summer to various craft shows and roadside attractions.

Aitor and Becky having some cake a the Grit.
We got to hang out with them some and had lots of good food. We love to go to the Grit for dinner. It usually involves cake, too. Here is Becky and Aitor enjoying some Black Forest cake.

Me having some Happy Cake.
Raoul and I shared the birthday cake. I like to think of it as "Happy Cake".

Becky coming to visit Tofu Baby.
I tried to lock Becky out, but eventually she got into the house.

Aitor is going to have the bacon donut.
She just was in too big of a hurry to eat Aitor's bacon and banana and peanut butter donut we got for him.

Aitor having a donut on the swing.
Aitor enjoyed his donut...

Superfan, Becky Johnson, with her Tofu Baby shirt.
...while Becky danced in our driveway!


misako mimoko said...

Oh! looks as you had a great time together!

Missy said...

We had so much fun with Becky and Aitor! I look forward to another visit from them, too.