Friday, June 4, 2010

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

PITTS 1516

(even the GNOMES in the Kulik Family Garden are hardcore PITTSBURGH STEELERS fans!)

PITTS 1519

A week ago today we were up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visiting Missy's family during the Memorial Day a few more photos from our visit...

PITTS 1499

We did a good deal of driving around, checking out the sights in and around Missy's old neighborhood...

PITTS 1501

PITTS 1532

PITTS 1503

PITTS 1507

We drove past Missy's old high school - AMBRIDGE AREA HIGH SCHOOL - which is actually a new high school built on top of where the old building used to be. Their high school's team name is THE BRIDGERS, on account of all the bridges criss-crossing in and out of Pittsburgh...even the entrance to the high school has a bridge...

PITTS 1511

Last Sunday, we headed over to Missy's brother's house to celebrate his birthday. They made a chocolate cake for him and we delivered it on a CAKE PEDESTAL that Missy designed for the company that we work for...Missy rode with it on her lap, hoping we didn't hit any major bumps or potholes...

PITTS 1538

PITTS 1548

PITTS 1550

We passed by the SWEETWATER ART CENTER where Missy used to intern back in the day, teaching kids about art...

PITTS 1543

PITTS 1544

At Greg's house, Greg took photos of us on his NINTENDO DS...he had this videogame called "PHOTO DOJO", where animated photos of yourself and your friends did battle. Greg started out by taking photos of his Dad in different fighting stances...

PITTS 1571

PITTS 1573

Missy had all her fighting stances photographed in Greg's backyard...

PITTS 1575

PITTS 1576


PITTS 1590

PITTS 1577


PITTS 1580


PITTS 1586


PITTS 1588


PITTS 1592


PITTS 1593

Greg's wife Cristina put a ton of candles on his looked like it was on fire!

PITTS 1600

PITTS 1603

The next day we went into the city to do some shopping and more sight-seeing. We drove to the top of MOUNT WASHINGTON to gaze down on the Pittsburgh skyline...

PITTS 1607

PITTS 1492

PITTS 1609

PITTS 1610

PITTS 1612

PITTS 1613

PITTS 1615

PITTS 1617

PITTS 1618

PITTS 1623

PITTS 1625

PITTS 1628

PITTS 1634

PITTS 1635

PITTS 1630

PITTS 1633

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