Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Teany Tea

Teany Tea 8, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Teany Tea 9

Teany Tea 7
So I ordered some yummy teas from Teany recently. It took them a while to send my order, but they also tossed in a nice new tea infuser, too! I guess it makes sense that Teany took a little while, I did not know they changed ownership, I read about it this week on Door Sixteen.

Teany Tea 3

Teany Tea 5

Teany Tea 1
We tried three different flavors - Coconut, Earl Grey Creme, and Lavender. So far we tried all but the Lavender, and they were very yummy. The Coconut has a nice toasty flavor, and the Earl Grey Creme had a sweet vanilla flavor. I can't wait for the next cup!


sweetie pie press said...

i love tea so much!


We love YOU so much, Becky!