Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Flagpole Music Awards

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Tofu Baby

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Carnival
Last Thursday was the Flagpole Music Awards! As always, this is my favorite event of Athfest each year. This year the Carnivale of Black Hearts got everyone fired up and kicked off the show.

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Carnival
They were okay, but the band that opened was really good!

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Athens
Athens (the band) kicked off the show after the intro! They are some students from Camp Amped who now have their own rock band, video, and lots of fans. They surely won the crowd over at the Awards and got a standing ovation, too! Rock on, dudes.

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Alicia, Pete
Pete and Alicia talked some about the Awards and Flagpole, and handed the show off to...

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Alicia, Michelle, Pete
Michelle, the music editor of Flagpole.

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Elite
Elite the Showstoppa performed two songs. One included his own personal nurse, and the other had dancers, guest rappers, and cute glittery lettered t-shirts! Loved the shirts and the dancing!!

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Los Meesfits
Los Meesfits also played a few caliente numbers.

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Los Meesfits
In fact, they were so hot that they had two salsa dancers perform with them. They were a highlight for sure, especially cos the one guy split his pants!

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Circulatory System
Circulatory System, and Elephant 6 favorite, played a super short set of one song. I wanted to hear more for sure.

Flagpole Music Awards 2010 - Reptar
Everyone who made it to the end of the night saw Reptar perform their catchy songs. We left halfway through their set cos we were getting sleepy!

I have been to the Awards many times, and I even had the pleasure of presenting an award as Tofu Baby one year. Lots goes into the production of this show, so thanks, Flagpole for making it a fun night!

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