Monday, June 7, 2010

So Sweepy

I have been embroidering! I made a pillowcase embroidered with one of my Tofu Baby comics from the Flagpole. I started it last week when we were hanging out with my family in Pennsylvania. I needed a project, and I usually take a project with me when I travel. Is it just me, or do crafty people carry craft projects at all times?

Tofu Baby Embroidery 1

Tofu Baby Embroidery 2

Tofu Baby Embroidery 4
I made this comic by using the back stitch. Tofu Baby's eyes are French knots. They were very difficult - I think cos the pillow case had a loose weave in the fabric. I used Sublime Stitching Transfer Paper for creating my design. My mom gave me the pillowcase, too. I love the soft yellow color.

Tofu Baby Embroidery 5

Tofu Baby Embroidery 8

Tofu Baby Embroidery 13

Tofu Baby embroidered pillow final 3


Allana said...

I love it - great project :)

Howie said...

So wonderful!! You & Teddy Bear are so lucky to rest your head on such sweet stitching :D

emelia said...

Thanks for the insperado. <3

Church of Craft Athens said...

Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate the positive comments! They keep me going! ~[:3]

April Moore Skelton said...

I want to do this so bad. If only I had adorable stories like tofu baby! Maybe you should sell me one! Haha!