Friday, December 4, 2009

Ohh, Boy!


Hey! There's a new shop here in Athens, Georgia called OHH, BOY! that specializes in vintage and handmade items...including items from yours truly, EXTRA CREDIT CRAFTS, and our very own MISSY KULIK!

OHH, BOY! is located at 585 Barber St., Suite E - in the D.O.C. building across the street from the Habitat Re-Store, just over the railroad tracks. They're open monday thru Friday from noon till 7pm, and then on Saturday from 11am till 7pm.

They're open today, Friday, December 4th, until 9pm as part of the RxR HOLIDAY GIFT FAIR that's taking place at the D.O.C. building and around the corner at the CHASE STREET WAREHOUSES. Missy and I will be there to represent (and to do a bit o' shopping ourselves), so come by and say "hey!", see the new store, and get some holiday shopping out of the way...Missy and I will probably get out to that area sometime after 6pm, so look for us...or don't!

Then, Saturday night, December 5th, is Ohh, Boy!'s giant LAUNCH PARTY, from 7pm to 10pm. There will be food, catered by FARM 255, beer, fire pits, and live music courtesy of Werewolves, The Pretty Faces, This Piano Plays Itself, and Spring Tigers...we're gonna try to be there for that as well, if we're not too wiped out from the big CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA sale earlier that day. So much good stuff happening this weekend!





This is the same store where Missy and I got our awesome new (vintage) dining table and chairs. Here it is in the store before they cleared it off and delivered it to us:


They hauled back our old (vintage) dining table and chairs and we ended up putting them on consignment! (we liked the table and chairs, but after a while, we weren't feeling the tubular steel anymore and wanted wood table and chairs to better fit our decor). So, you can stop by Ohh, Boy! and buy our old dining room set as well as our crafts:

OHH 7888

I had already brought them some Extra Credit Crafts items and Missy's stuff should be up by tonight, so keep an eye out for it. The cool thing about Ohh, Boy! is that they are planning on having a rotating stock of handmade and one-of-a-kind items, so the store won't look the same week in and week stop by, do some browsing, some shopping, and get it before it's GONE:

OHH 7886

OHH 7889



OHH 7891


Grace said...

Omg! Isn't is a great place! That's were I got my typewriter! In the picture, it's the second one on the left, the dark green one. My friend got the bright blue one on the left of that.


Hi Grace!

Whoa! you guys got lucky with the typewriters...what a great find at a great price, right? We love Ohh, Boy!

Missy said...

I was so close to getting one, too, Grace! Those typewriters are cute!

Ohh, Boy! said...

Raoul!! Thanks so much for making this awesome blog post about us!!! It really warms my heart!

We made a special place for your and Missy's stuff at the store today. Check it out next time you're in!

THANKS GUYS!!! And glad to hear positive feedback about the typewriters!

Kimberly, Amy, & Cassie- Ohh, Boy!