Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Holiday Craftstravaganzaa - Day Two

ZAA 7968

Here are a few scenes from our second day at the ATHENS INDIE CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA...despite the day being a bit colder, the time shorter, and the people less in attendance, we still managed to have a pretty good day. Maybe not as profitable as the previous day, but we only only missed that mark by a small margin. Not bad, all things considered...

ZAA 7969

I tried to make it look like Missy was in the cauldron full of "boiled peanuts":

ZAA 7972

ZAA 7970

ZAA 7973

One of the flying horses flanking the door of BETTY, a vintage clothing shop next to the Craftstravaganzaa:

ZAA 7974

Missy babysitted the GENEVIEVE GAIL booth across from us...and then later tried her hand at babying Genevieve's wiggly dog, BUSTER:

ZAA 7978

ZAA 7979

ZAA 7980

ZAA 7982

Missy bought these mini cupcakes from Stephanie and Emily's booth...mmmmmmm, it was a perfect way to cap off another successful day...

ZAA 7984

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Genevieve Gail said...

Hee hee! Buster wuvs you!