Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Pets!

Nilla having a candy cane.

Nilla on Christmas.

Nilla playing with my candy cane.
This morning we gave Nilla her Super Scratcher Christmas pressie. She loves cardboard, so she really just plucked away at the new Scratcher, then was ready for a nap. Until I opened my stocking and found a candy cane from Raoul! Nilla liked the candy cane, too, but no, she did not get a bite! She only played with it.

Oreo's posing for her Christmas picture.

Oreo on Christmas!

Oreo's Christmas photo!
And our little Oreo had some new pressies, too - check out her willow tent, balsa pumpkin spice chews, and apple twigs! Oh how thrilling it is to spoil our lovely pets. They are so happy.

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