Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Our tree - Christmas 2009., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

We have been relaxing after being ill all last weekend and into this week, so no posting, just well deserved resting. I thought I would share some of our holiday decorations for fun. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Cinnamon ornaments!

Squirrel ornament.

Our tree - dad decorated that ornament.
This year I wanted all handmade ornaments on the Christmas tree. Lucky me, I found these cinnamon dough ornaments that I made about five years ago. It is really easy and they still smell amazing! I used puff paint as "icing." My dad helped decorate the Santa shown above. I love these ornaments cos they really do look and smell like cookies.

Our tree.
I think they look quite festive on our fiber optic Christmas tree!

Raoul made me this tree ornament.
Speaking of trees, Raoul made this tree from felt for me the first year he moved to Athens. I love the heart garland going round! So cute...!

Elf friend from my childhood.
I have alot of my family's vintage Christmas decorations, so this little elf friend I remember my whole life! It is nice that he has a little tree to hang out with this time of year!

My mom's ornaments in our glass mushrooms.
I also have some vintage glass ornaments that Mom gave to me, too. I think they look so pretty in my glass mushrooms. Raoul gave the idea to me when we were trying to think of a nice way to display them, but I did not want to make a wreath (well, not just yet).

Snowman that mom made me.

Santa that mom made for me.
And here is a snowman and Santa that my mom made for me a few years ago, too. I treasure these handmade gifts! They are the best. I think cos the snowman's face is made from real peppercorns and that Santa has googly eyes that get covered by his massive hairs!

Merry Christmas!

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