Friday, December 18, 2009


MAIN 8199

Tonight, Missy and I headed out to MAINSTREET YARNS & FIBER in nearby Watkinsville. The shop is located in this huge renovated BARN owned by artist (and friend) CINDY JERRELL who was having an open house in her studio which is located in the back of the barn...

MAIN 8201

The entrance to Cindy's studio...there were these CACTI on the wall outside the door with all these FUNNY FACES punched out of them! I totally want smiling cactus plants of my own:

MAIN 8202

MAIN 8204

MAIN 8205

We looked at photos of the barn before, during, and after the renovation process:

MAIN 8206

One thing that Cindy is known for is her sepia-toned "VINTAGE PET PORTRAITS"...for the right price, she'll take photos of your beloved pets and transform them into very convincing, vintage-looking, Victorian-style portraits. We can hardly wait for NILLA and OREO to have their portraits done:

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MAIN 8215

Turned out that the open house was also a birthday party for Cindy! We drooled over the b-day cake that was crawling with cats:

MAIN 8214

MAIN 8213

MAIN 8217

We left the party early and rushed back to Athens to catch a free TRAPEZE PERFORMANCE at CANOPY STUDIO. Our friend JO did this mind-blowing and hilarious PERFORMANCE ART piece where, between aerial acrobatics on the bar, she tore into a wrapped present and pulled out these red latex balloons which she inflated and then was brilliant. SERIOUSLY...but it was definitely one of those "you had to be there" kinda moments...and luckily, we were:

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