Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lost And Found

ZAA 7997

Wendy! We hope you read this...WE FOUND YOUR MISSING SILVER EARRING! Please get in touch with us! We were setting up our tent for Craftstravaganzaa this morning and Missy just happened to spot it on the was in the "aisle area" in front of our booth. Missy's got EAGLE EYES...

Also...there was a really nice lady who stopped by our booth on Saturday and she showed us this cool CHARM BRACELET that she got at AGORA...anyways, we found one of her CHARMS in our booth. It's a dude standing under a banana tree...if anyone happens to know this person (or, if you happen to be the person who lost this charm, and you happen to be reading this post) please get in touch with us too!

ZAA 7992

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