Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 Holiday Craftstravaganzaa - Day One

ZAA 7936

We're back home from a long cold day at the HOLIDAY CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA craft sale, here in downtown Athens. We've got feet pains and back pains and we're just plain beat. And to think, we've got to do it all over again tomorrow! The forecast called for 30 percent chance of rain and earlier in the week there was even talk of snow. Luckily, there were only very few drops in the morning while we were setting up. The rest of the day was actually pretty sunny and people ended up coming out to the sale in droves. It was pretty much non-stop action from the time the sale officially opened at are a few images from our day...

ZAA 7926

ZAA 7927

ZAA 7929

ZAA 7932

ZAA 7935

ZAA 7934

ZAA 7937

ZAA 7938

ZAA 7941

ZAA 7942

ZAA 7944

ZAA 7945

ZAA 7946

ZAA 7947

ZAA 7948

ZAA 7951

ZAA 7952

ZAA 7955

ZAA 7957

ZAA 7960

ZAA 7962

ZAA 7963

ZAA 7964

ZAA 7965

A lot of people decided to leave their tents behind...some even left their merch! We, however, took our time to pack everything up, knowing full well what kind of riff raff roam the streets of downtown Athens afterhours. For sure, there was someone there that was going to watch over the lot, but also for sure, he will be outnumbered by all manner of ne'er-do-wells. We celebrated our successful day with a hot meal at THE felt good to finally sit down and actually eat something other than left-over cold pizza and doughnuts...back for more tomorrow...

ZAA 7966

ZAA 7967

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