Friday, October 23, 2009

Nilla Seventy-Two


Last week we let Nilla into LITTLE GUANTANAMO, Oreo's "living space". It was the first time we had our two pets "together" in the realest sense of the word. We were nervous that Nilla's killer instinct might kick in, or that Oreo might be frightened. So their play date was super supervised. They shared some leafy greens, the both of them sticking their heads into Oreo's bowl. Nilla was more interested in all of Oreo's toys, than she was the bunny. An Oreo, not feeling the least bit intimidated, tried her best to crawl underneath our cat, much to Nilla's chagrin. Nilla got annoyed a couple of times and lightly swatted at Oreo, who was relentless. In the end, Nilla couldn't wait to get out of Lil' Gitmo!

PETS 6736

PETS 6731

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