Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gnome Sweet Gnome

GNOME 6776

Tonight, Missy and I started putting together our HALLOWEEN COSTUMES...we tossed around a buncha costume ideas, but finally settled on being a pair of GARDEN GNOMES. Our first stop was Old Navy where we purchased black pants and blue tops. Afterwards, we headed over to Target to buy matching boots. We planned on buying matching WELLIES there, but they were totally sold out. Even the Payless Shoe Source next door were totally sold out of rain boots. All the recent rainstorms had caused a run on Wellingtons...soooooo, we ended up buying matching faux suede WOMEN'S DRESS BOOTS instead...turns out that I can fit into a women's size 11...

GNOME 6759

After Target, we headed over to Joann Fabrics. We bought a couple yards of RED FELT to make our hats, some BLACK ELASTIC to make wide belts, and YELLOW FUN FOAM to make our belt buckles...

GNOME 6755

GNOME 6768

GNOME 6773

GNOME 6775

At Target, I also picked up this PUMPKIN DECORATING KIT because the little wooden mallet that came with it kinda looked like a CORN COB PIPE...

GNOME 6754

GNOME 6786

Finally, we pulled out some white FUN FUR from our craft supplies that we are going to use to make beards...

GNOME 6784

STAY TUNED to see our completed costumes!

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etc from Fierce and Nerdy said...

This is awesome and you MUST take pics of the finished product.