Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Nightmare Before Christmas

GNOME 6804

GNOME 6806

GNOME 6805

Our friend and co-worker, RUSS, and his boyfriend, TRACY, throw some of the best parties in town ever, and tonight's "THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS"-themed gala was perhaps one of their best yet (their last one was a "LAND OF THE LOST"-themed party this past summer). Imagine if TIM BURTON's classic animated tale, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" took place in a gay disco, and you pretty much get the idea of how crazy tonight's party was. Their driveway was fashioned into a CEMETERY, with many of the backdrops and displays created by Russ himself with sheets of FOAM BOARD, cut, painted, and manipulated into wrought iron gates, headstones, stone monuments, trees, statues, and rickety haunted houses. The pictures I took don't do it any justice, but trust me, it was AMAZING. There was one MAUSOLEUM which housed several tables filled with food and beverages, and another mausoleum that doubled as a DANCEFLOOR. A fog machine and several computer-controlled disco lights made the atmosphere even more surreal and hallucinogenic. We mingled and danced the night away with friends and co-workers, fighting off the chilly autumn breeze which started to wind it's way into the celebration...Missy and I showed up in the GARDEN GNOME costumes that we hastily put together last night...

GNOME 6816

GNOME 6818

GNOME 6815

GNOME 6819

GNOME 6822

GNOME 6823

GNOME 6814

GNOME 6855

GNOME 6812

GNOME 6811

GNOME 6807

GNOME 6825

GNOME 6852

GNOME 6827

GNOME 6808

GNOME 6829 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

GNOME 6832

GNOME 6842

GNOME 6836 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

GNOME 6851

GNOME 6854

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