Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blythe Con Bonus

Blythe Con girls!, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Raoul told me I have some good photos from Blythe Con, so I am giving you a bonus with some of my fabulous photos and thoughts from last weekend. Anyways, needless to say I had the best time at Blythe Con! The day started a little rainy and so chilly, but we all soon warmed up when I put on my Hello Kitty costume, oh and Isobel Creampuff put on hers, too. Isobel is my Happy Harbor Blythe.

My Kitty hat is falling!
I did not know I was making such a funny face in this photo, and my Kitty head is falling off the back of my head! I made the Hello Kitty costume in 2004 and I have worn it at least once each October since I have made it! This year it was updated with the addition of one that fits my Blythe dolls.

Blythe Con.

Blythe Con.

Pomme Pomme's table at Blythe Con.

Cute knit hats!
Inside we saw so many Blythe dolls! I loved shopping at the different tables. Some had handmade clothing - one of my favorites was Pomme Pomme - some had Re-ment, shoes, hats, and even deer! I got lots of Mary Jane shoes for my dolls.

Costume contest entries.

Hello Kitty that I made for Blythe!

I entered Isobel Creampuff in the costume contest. As you can see, there is some stiff competition!!

Trick or Treat!

Blythe Con.

I loved all the customized Blythe! This one was especially pretty with peachy tones.

Blythe Con.

Find my two Blythe!
Before the pizza party portion of Blythe Con, Gina wanted to take a photo of all the Blythe dolls attending the convention! It was madness, but in the best possible sense! It was quite interesting to see so many girls and dolls stop traffic. "Here comes a bus, quick, take your photos!"

Gina at Blythe Con.

Gina and all the dolls!
Then Gina got into it and we all took photos of her and the girls! Gina Garan is the ultimate Blythe famous person to me. She made the book "This is Blythe" and that is how I know about Blythe. My good friend Jamie showed it to me. Ever since then I have been hooked!

Me and Gina Garan and Isobel Creampuff as Hello Kitty!
So of course it was a thrill for me to meet Gina! She is the best! She told me she had 500 dolls in her collection (she collects all kinds of dolls, not just Blythe, too) and she liked my Hello Kitty outfit! I also gave her a copy of my comic book mini zine Kneehigh: Blythe. I think Blythe is hard to draw, but Gina said I captured them just fine. Thank you, Gina!

Stuff I got at Blythe Con.

My goodies from Blythe Con.
And here are some of my goodies from Blythe Con! Check out the lovely crochet red dress that Raoul won!

We had such a fun day! Thanks to Linda, Jessica, and Kristen for making Blythe Con such a wonderful event!

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