Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cookie Monster Takes the Cake

Much to my surprise, my Cookie Monster Cupcakes and Happy Cupcakes that Raoul and I made for the picnic from THIS POST HERE were featured on the fabulous blog, CUPCAKES TAKE THE CAKE! This made my day! Thanks, Rachel!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes so happy!
We left some of the cupcakes plain, so I guess they are just happy cupcakes, or happycakes, which is a name I came up with last night. Warning to those about to make their own Cooke Monster cupcakes - the little cookies get a little soggy in the butter cream icing when left in for a long time. I love these cupcakes and if you look online you can see lots of Cookie Monster inspired cakes! It's really neat.

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glenneroo said...

oh what blissful creations! i bow down before your ultimate awesomeness! you have forever left your mark on my soul, i can only hope to one day find such cupcakes on this side of the world *le sigh*