Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thrift Score

We hit up some THRIFT STORES and VINTAGE BOUTIQUES in town this afternoon and this is our "catch of the day"...

We found an old set of 60's era CHILDCRAFT ENCYCLOPEDIAS at the GOODWILL off the Atlanta Hwy, but only bought the one volume that actually had any sort of craft-related projects in it. Cool vintage graphics and cheesy craft projects galore...scored it for only two bucks:

SCORE 5187

We picked up a used copy of JAN & DEAN's classic "FOLK 'N ROLL" album on vinyl, also at the Goodwill for only a couple of bucks. I also unfortunately had to pass on a Dream Syndicate album because it was way too scratched up:

SCORE 5190

At MINX we scored a set of four matching vintage VERA cloth place mats (scarves?), designed by VERA NEUMANN...a steal at ten bucks for the set, considering her stuff is coming back in vogue:

SCORE 5191

...scored this used 17-track KING TUBBY "ESSENTIAL DUB" compilation CD for only five bucks at AGORA...our hot summer days and nights just got a little more irie and tripped out...LONG LIVE THE KING:

SCORE 5193

Last, but not least, we found this WIRE BASKET at the nearby SALVATION ARMY for just a couple of'll come in handy toting and displaying merch at the next big craft sale we participate in:

SCORE 5197

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Miranda Hale said...

I love Childcraft Encyclopedias & have WAY too many :) I can never resist them, though.