Monday, July 20, 2009

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Oreo front., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Oreo back.
Here is today's picture of our bunny Oreo. These were taken recently when I was sitting in Oreo's home and petting her. I never thought a bunny could love getting pets as much as Nilla or other animals, but Oreo loves this just about as much as she loves apples. When Oreo is particularly happy, she goes to the side of her home and does a sort of nose dive into the carpet and her body flops so her belly is up. I read that bunnies do not like their bellies rubbed, but Oreo is an exception to this. She also likes having her cheeks rubbed, too.

My friend Julie made the suggestion to me that Bunny Monday should be called Snuggle Bunny Monday. I think it is cos Oreo is so cute and maybe she should get a bunny, too?

OREO 5182

OREO 5184

OREO 5185


Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

I LOVE Bunny Monday! It's the best way to start a new week!

Church of Craft Athens said...

Thank you so much. It is fun to post about our pets!