Sunday, July 12, 2009

Operation Cutify - Craft Room Storage

OP CUTE 4941

OP CUTE 4935

This past week, Missy's parents were in town for the 4th of July weekend...we decided to finally tackle the fugly CLOSET SPACE in our CRAFT ROOM (which also doubles as our INSTRUMENT ROOM). The space was once a very long and shallow closet with sliding doors at one point. When we bought the house, these doors were inexplicably missing, exposing instead two slap-dash shelves and two horizontally-placed poles that were bowed under the weight of too many outfits being hung on it. The shelves and poles were removed before I realized, "wait! I have to document this!". Missy's dad, John, used a crow bar to remove the supports that once held the poles and rickety shelves. Much to his chagrin, the supports were sloppily nailed into the brick wall, which is actually the back our fireplace:

OP CUTE 4938

OP CUTE 4939

Next, the rails that once guided sliding doors were removed. The trim was sanded down as well as various holes and cracks in the closet space that were spackled, before painting. While the spackle dried, Missy's dad revived a pair of INTERIOR LIGHTS that hung on ceiling in the spaces sandwiching the brick wall:

OP CUTE 4946

OP CUTE 4949

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OP CUTE 4951

Missy celebrated our progress before we called it a day...the next morning, Missy and her mom, RITA, painted the closet. The back wall and trim was painted the same color we have been using on all the other trim around the house - the one unifying element in all our brightly-colored (and soon-to-be brightly-colored) rooms. They tested out the LAVENDER colored paint that will eventually cover the rest of the room, applying it to the wall around the trim of the closet:

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After the paint dried, John expertly installed an ADJUSTABLE SHELF SYSTEM that we purchased from HOME DEPOT. The parts were super affordable and luckily for us, they had pre-made shelves that pretty much fit the spaces perfectly, saving us from have to have shelves specially cut:

OP CUTE 5057

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Voilá! Spiffy new storage space for our crafting supplies, merchandise, and instruments! Now for the really hard all our crap and putting it up on the shelves in a way that is sensible and somewhat pleasing to the eye...stay tuned!

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Glue and Glitter said...

I have such storage envy! It looks great!


Thanks, Becky! It's not as cute with all our junk up on the shelves, though, haha!