Wednesday, July 22, 2009


PLUSH 5249

We just got back from JOANN'S FABRICS with many many yards of FLEECE...Missy is gearing up for yet another PLUSH YOU! in Seattle, Washington this year! This will be her third year exhibiting her plush dolls along with many other amazing artists and crafters from around the world. To see some of Missy's photos from last year's exhibition, go HERE...and for more info on Plush You! go HERE. Hopefully, Missy will be able to attend the opening again, and this time I hope to go with her and not miss out on all the fun!

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Character Zoo said...

Yay, good luck preparing for Plush You! I loved your photos from last year...especially the kind of sad looking blue fuzzy monster with white horns. I want to take him home!