Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sketchbook Sunday

Pac-Man Sweet Dreams, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Raoul really likes my Pac-Man drawings I did as a child. I think these make a good Sketchbook Sunday for this week. I love the attention to detail in my Pac-Mans. I think these were all copied from stickers I had in my collection.

Pac-Man Ga-lup!
I am not really sure what "Ga-lup!" means, other than another word for "Gulp!" maybe.

Ms. Pac-Man
I have always loved Ms. Pac-Man, too. Maybe cos my friend Andy and I used to go play it in the airport (this was when you were allowed past the check in part of the airport) and it was set on a faster than normal speed? But this drawing was created way before the airport hang out days of my high school youth. I love this drawing! Right down to Ms. Pac-Man's mole!

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