Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Kneehigh Zines Are Here!

Kneehigh Donuts, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Hello! I have made six new thrilling titles for my Kneehigh mini series. You might remember the first batch of Kneehighs I made, including Cats I Know, What I wore for Halloween, and the perennial favorite, Favorite Dresses. Now there are some new ones to read! Hooray!

Check out Donuts! and read donut memories past and present. I can't talk about it so much cos I really don't want to spoil these minis.

Kneehigh Dogs I Know
I never made a Dogs I Know until now. I did not think I knew enough dogs to make a mini, but I guess this shows that I really do. That's Jamie's pup Baloo on the cover!

Kneehigh Blythe
Speaking of my pal Jamie, she inspired this next zine. This Kneehigh showcases all of my Blythe dolls and some of my friend's girls, too.

Kneehigh Cats I Know Part Two
Since I know so many cats, I thought I should write a part two of Cats I Know. This tells about the wonderful kitties my family and friends have! Oh, and my kitty, too.

Kneehigh What I Wore and When I Wore It
Back in high school I read all sorts of zines. One girl would write and draw what she wore and when she wore it, so I used that idea here. I am not sure of the zine I read, but it was either in Daffodil or Muffin Bones (remember those, anyone?)

Kneehigh Cupcakes
Last, but not least, here is Kneehigh Cupcakes, and you guessed it, it is all about cupcakes! This makes me want cupcakes now, so I might just go do that.

I added them to MY PERSONAL SITE and SHOPPE SUGAR COOKIE on Etsy! Get reading!


J*me said...

YAY! Baloo is a star!! :)

Missy said...

Thanks, Jamie! I put some in the mail for you today!