Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working On The Weekend

MART 1680

hey Y'all,

So, Missy and I are in Atlanta this weekend with a bunch of our co-workers, attending the twice-yearly madness that is AMERICASMART, Giving up a weekend for work always sucks, but it's especially hard on us this time because we are both sick - I'm on the tail end of a terrible cold, and Missy is just getting into the worst stage of the cold I just passed on to her, like a big germ and virus-covered olympic torch. We got to the hotel well before check-in time, so we ended up walking the Mart first. I clicked off a couple of photos of an anonymous snacker in one of the many bridges that connect the three buildings that make up AmericasMart:

MART 1681

MART 1679

The company put us up at this new hotel called HYATT PLACE. The hotel is nicely designed with a hip, micro hotel, you can get a Starbucks coffee and a biscotti from the same person that just checked you in...and from the same counter that you just checked in at...It's probably one of the coolest and nicest hotels we've ever stayed at downtown...

MART 1683

We really dug these chunky buttons in the elevator. They were like over-sized vintage typewriter buttons:

MART 1685

At first, we were concerned with the view out our window, which looked down on the back patio area of MAX LAGER, the restaurant-slash-bar next door to Hyatt Place. We were worried that there would be a lot of noise, but then realized that the cold winter weather would guarantee that no one would be sitting outside...

MART 1690

MART 1687

MART 1692

Missy, feeling quite miserable, wasted no time passing out:

MART 1701

MART 1700

MART 1705

MART 1706


Glue&Glitter said...

Man, working when you're sick is such a bummer. Feel better sooooon!

On first glance, I thought those pics of the snacker were not shot from above but straight on of someone holding snax up over some sort of cubicle wall. Nice shots!!

eric boogiepop said...

"Busy. (Do not disturb.)"


Genevieve Gail said...

Dang! They stepped it up to the Hyatt this time- I'm impressed! I must say, I definitely don't miss working for 2 weeks straight. Hope y'all feel better soon!


Becky - Thanks! Being sick at the Mart sucked, but at least we had a nice and comfy hotel to come back to at the end of the day!

Eric - It would've been better if it said "Gettin' Busy (Do Not Disturb)"!

Gen - They moved the cash and carry to the bottom floor of bldg 3 and tucked it way in the back...AND they added another building to the Mart, so there's even MORE of it to walk now!