Monday, January 26, 2009

Tin Roof! Rusted

RC 1919

RC 1921
(the little tin shed in the back of our house, built from construction yard scraps by the previous owners)

Here at RANCHO COCOA (the house, not the blog), Missy and I have been cleaning out all the "debris" in our backyard. For a couple of months now our yards, front and back, had been buried under an ocean of leaves, branches, and fallen tree limbs. These past couple of months have been too cold to do any yard work and it seemed like every weekend was too rainy or wet to go outside. Well, we finally had enough of the mess and forced ourselves to get our yards into a halfway decent state. Also, my sister is visiting from California this coming weekend...reason enough to feel motivated to work on our "curb appeal"...

Here, Missy poses with all the crap we hauled out of our backyard. Eventually, the city will come and turn it all into mulch:

RC 1899

After clearing the leaves from the flower bed out front we discovered some bulbs finally peeking up from the soil...I think these are tulips that Missy planted back in October:

RC 1902

We raked up and swept up all the fallen leaves that covered our stone patio and walkways. I should have taken before and after pictures...

RC 1927

RC 1932

RC 1907

RC 1914

RC 1923

RC 1935

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