Wednesday, January 28, 2009


TAFFY 3559

A little over a year ago we found TAFFY on an endcap in TARGET, mixed in with a bunch of post-Christmas items that were on sale. Her box was a little banged up and it was the only one left...and it was only seven measly bucks! You can't buy wholesome entertainment for that much nowadays, and back then, on a boring weekend wandering around a big box department store looking for something-anything fun to do, Taffy was the perfect antidote to a rather blasé afternoon.

With a little love and a lot of hot air, we brought Taffy to life. For a couple of weeks we rode her, groomed her, fed her, and sometimes cursed profanities whenever she fell flat on her face after tripping on a hurdle or small boulder during many a race. After a few weeks of mild-mannered amusement, Taffy was just content to sit in a corner and watch us play other video games on our old SONY PLAYSTATION, thinking that some day, we would return to her and her girlish fancies. Months passed and we would sometimes catch her smiling up at us as we moved from one room to the next, tracing our daily rituals. Sadly, we hardly noticed. Recently, we had gotten a shiny new NINTENDO Wii...we now filled our afternoons and evenings with racing karts and step aerobics. The Playstation now served primarily as our DVD player and Taffy....well, Taffy faded into our distant memories, like a sepia-toned photograph hidden in dusty cigar box, cast into the darkest crevice of an attic filled with other forgotten and now useless things.

Some say that it was the heavy exercise ball on her back that caused her to deflate, but we know better. It's true that you sometimes don't know what you have until it's gone. We may never know the sweet taste of Taffy ever again... are some photos of Taffy during happier times...

TAFFY 3536

TAFFY 3538

To make the gaming experience complete, Missy went and fetched her little red cowgirl hat...

TAFFY 3539

TAFFY 3542

TAFFY 3548

TAFFY 3544

TAFFY 3549

TAFFY 3554

TAFFY 3558

TAFFY 3561

Jay tried his hand at breaking our wild mare, but was soon frustrated by her rambunctious spirit...

TAFFY 3569

And then, alas...our poor, poor Taffy, earlier this week:

TAFFY 1950


eric boogiepop said...

You would think that there would be some sort of hole that you could breathe into in order to reinflate her...

So, there isn't one?

Lemongrass Studio said...

This is literally one of the best posts I've ever read...


ERIC - yes, we could always re-inflate her...but that wouldn't have made for such a melodramatic ending to our post! Actually, we're probably going to pack her up back into her original box, and maybe take her out to our shed...

LEMONGRASS - awwww, thanks again for the lovely comments! I was in a funny mood last night when I wrote it.