Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do You Believe In Magic?

SCORE 1854

SCORE 1847

Earlier today, Missy and I scored some great finds at AGORA, one of the best thrift/used/vintage/antique shops here in Athens. We found these two vintage craft kits, both in their original boxes with all their parts and instruction booklets. The first one we found was KNIT MAGIC, by Mattel. It's a little plastic machine that knits in the round for you. You just thread the yarn of your choice through the machine, crank the handle and...taa daa! You've got a knitted tube, in no time flat. The instruction manual has different projects and actually, I'm a bit surprised at all the different things you can make with the Knit Magic. Missy has already taken the spinner for a test drive and it works like a charm. I can't wait to make a life-size knit boa constrictor with it!

We also found this super Seventies SWINGIN' PURSE KIT. It comes with a wooden, barn-shaped purse and little cut-outs that you can decoupage onto it. The kit came with some paint, but of course, it was all dried out. Missy actually has a Swingin' Purse already...but she had found it in a thrift store already decorated, not knowing that it was part of a "craft kit". Now that she has a blank canvas, there's no telling how she'll decorate it...

SCORE 1857

(check out that serious five-head!)

SCORE 1859

We also found a pair of wooden trays with these cool little vignettes painted on them. Featuring canine characters, the paintings depict scenes from "THE ROMANCE OF FIFI AND PEPE", two french poodles who are falling in love. According to the printing on the bottom of the trays, the illustrations are actually "Scene 2" and "Scene 3" in their courtship. Where was "Scene 1"? And was there a "Scene 4"? I wonder if we'll ever find other trays with the missing parts of their story...we'll probably have to do a bit of research on the internet. The trays were made in 1952 by the Kentley Corporation, so I guess that's our first clue to finding the missing parts of their romance...

SCORE 1861

SCORE 1868

SCORE 1866

SCORE 1878

SCORE 1872

We were bound to have a good shopping day today...previous to hitting up Agora, we scrounged through the sale bins at BORDERS and found this great cookbook for only $4.99...when we went to go pay for it, we found out that we had earned a five dollar credit on our Borders Reward Card, which we promptly used to pay for our book. Score!

SCORE 1883


brenda said...

I have "scene 3" and "scene 4"!


Oh, we would LOVE to see "scene 4"!