Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ladies' Night

MART 1720

So, Sunday night at AmericasMart was a bit more fun than usual, and not just because we saw this money machine "makin' it rain"...

I was excited to find out that KOOL & THE GANG were going to be performing at the Mart. WTF? At first I was a bit leery about seeing them, worried that their glory days were long behind them. But after catching a peek of their impressive stage set-up, I felt a little more curious about seeing them later on that night. After having a late lunch and taking a short break back at the hotel, I convinced Missy to come with me back to the Mart...I'm soooo glad that we went too, because Kool & The Gang totally KILLED IT. They rocked! The band was still comprised by most of the main members (a good number of the band had passed away) and, despite their age, they still had their chops and they still put on an energetic and entertaining show...

MART 1717

MART 1725

("She's fresh...exciting...she's so inviting to me, yeah...")

MART 1726

MART 1729

They played for over an hour and they played every hit song and then some..."Jungle Boogie", "Hollywood Swingin'", "Open Sesame", "Too Hot", "Ladies' Night", "Get Down On It", "Fresh", "Summer Madness" - they even played their cheesy adult contempo hits, "Joanna" and "Cherish"...

("Jungle Boogie")

MART 1738

("Ladies' Night")

("Get Down On It")

The band left the stage to take five in their dressing room (which we could look down upon) while the crowd clamored for an encore. They obliged with their most recognizable hit, "Celebration"...

MART 1742

MART 1745

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