Thursday, December 25, 2008

Return To Fudge Mountain

XMAS 1465

Early Christmas Eve, Missy and I ran around town buying last minute Christmas gifts. We stopped at a local roadside attraction, a little shack on a busy stretch of road that sold fudge. The locals affectionately call the lady who runs this little shack the FUDGE LADY. To my surprise, Missy had never ever stopped at the shack to buy fudge, so I made sure that we stopped there on the way back to her family's house. The Fudge Lady was nice enough to let Missy pose for pictures inside of her shack:

XMAS 1463

XMAS 1464

Back at the house, Missy baked a roll cake that would form the base of her BUCHE DE NOEL. She frosted the log and put a few decorations on it as a test, using the BAKE IT PRETTY kit she bought at THE BIG CRAFTY in Asheville, NC a couple of weeks ago:

XMAS 1445

XMAS 1449

XMAS 1448

XMAS 1456

XMAS 1459

XMAS 1461

XMAS 1462

We went to dinner at Greg and Christina's house where Missy put the finishing touches on the buche de noel...

XMAS 1473

XMAS 1478

XMAS 1486

XMAS 1488

XMAS 1491

XMAS 1494

XMAS 1495

XMAS 1497

XMAS 1507

XMAS 1503

Missy's dad, John, was pleasantly surprised by the Visor-ganizer that Greg got him...THE ONION (God bless 'em) makes these gift boxes disguised as really silly "as seen on T.V." products. Much to John's relief, there was really a shiny new iPod wrapped inside...

XMAS 1509


julielion. said...

that's one heck of a yule log! I love it, especially the cute spotted mushrooms!

Genevieve Gail said...

Yeah, that log is INSANE!!! Hey, how do I embed youtube videos? Hope y'all have a great New Year!