Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

me high-fiving santa
(me, high-fiving Santa, somewhere on the road to PA, winter 2006)

Hey! Just wanted to wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our friends and family wherever you may be. We're hoping that your holidays will be special, and if you're traveling, we hope your journeys will be safe. At the last minute, Missy and I decided to drive up to Pennsylvania again, to attend a party that her brother Greg is having today, on Christmas Eve. We say "last minute" because we weren't sure if the weather was going to be good or not. For some reason, all the crazy winter weather that's been hitting everyone from New England to the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, somehow avoided to hit Western PA. According to the reports, yesterday was set to be a beautiful sunny day throughout some key parts (namely, Pittsburgh PA, duh, and Beckley WV, where there is a mountainous pass that we head up and over) and we took advantage of that window of opportunity. We actually saw far less snow and ice than we did last month when we drove up for Thanksgiving. We made it here in record time, in less than 12 hours...

Anyways, more on our adventures later. Until then, have fun and be merry! We love you all!

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