Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Santa on the mantle with other decorations.

Our mantle... Happy holidays!
Ho ho ho! Happy holidays! I did some decorating at home just in time for Christmas! Check it out. Here is our mantle. My mom made the Santa in the center from a bleach bottle. How crafty!

As you can see, I collect vintage Christmas decorations. I mostly have elves in my collection, but I do have some angels and Santas. Some were Raoul's that he mailed to me before he even lived in Athens! Can you imagine? Some of the elves I bought at a shoe shop that was going out of business in my hometown. They are probably from the 1950's, complete with color fading from the sun! I still love them, though.

Here is a Santa my mom made me for Christmas one year. He has a little pouch and you can fill it with candy. She also made me the little snowman, too - see if you can spot him. He has cinnamon sticks as arms and pepper corns for a face! I love those, too.

Our Christmas tree! I love it.

Under our tree!
Of course we have a tree! We have a tiny fiber optic one that we got at the local garden center, Cofer's. I especially enjoy this one cos it has the cut out Merry Christmas that changes colors when the color wheel inside spins. Raoul said this tree was good cos Nilla would probably tear up anything that was bigger. He also said she would tear up a real tree! Maybe some other time we can get a real one, but for now I really like our tiny tree!

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