Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life On Mars, Part Two

THNX 0965

After making our way back downstairs, we checked out the BARRY McGEE exhibit which was situated in this long hallway:

THNX 0916

THNX 1081

THNX 0954

THNX 0955

THNX 0959

THNX 0963

THNX 0964

Back in the lobby, we stopped at what we called the "wishing wall", a piece by Brazilian artist RIVANE NEUENSCHWANDER called "I Wish Your Wish"...the piece consisted of thousands of colored ribbons with various wishes imprinted on them. Viewers are encouraged to take a wish from the wall:

THNX 0968

THNX 0969

THNX 0970

THNX 0972

THNX 0973

The wish I selected said "I wish I could get up on time" (sadly, this is true):

THNX 0971

Missy took two wishes - "I wish everyone in the world would be happy and own unicorns" and "I wish I could have a live dinosaur":

THNX 0975

As we made our way into the natural history museum, Missy stopped to pose with a dead dinosaur:

THNX 0976

There was a huge exhibit of the Carnegie's vast collection of gems and crystals:

THNX 0978

THNX 0981

THNX 0985

THNX 0986

We moved into the jurassic section of the the museum. Missy stopped to pet a baby dinosaur:

THNX 0996

THNX 0999

THNX 1000

THNX 1004

THNX 1005

THNX 1008

THNX 1012

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