Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life On Mars, Part Three

THNX 1013

The dinosaur exhibit gave way to the Carnegie Museum's collection of avian taxidermy...a logical progression since dinosaurs eventually evolved into birds...

THNX 1016

THNX 1018

Missy found the PORTAL to the RIPE VESSEL (this will only make sense if you've seen the movie "BEING JOHN MALKOVICH")...

THNX 1027

One really morbid display case had examples of cartoon bird characters coupled together with their real life counterparts, like TOUCAN SAM and TWEETY BIRD. We thought it was odd the way they displayed the dead birds...imagine how many kids were traumatized by this display...

THNX 1029

THNX 1030

From there, we made our way to the EGYPTIAN wing of the, a hapless pharaoh presents the falcon-like god HORUS with the gift of snowballs:

THNX 1032

THNX 1034

THNX 1036

Inspiration for the next TOFU BABY comic:

THNX 1038

This looked like the entrance to PRINCE's newest club:

THNX 1042

No joke...Missy really liked the MUMMIFIED CAT...

THNX 1044

THNX 1039

We were magically transported from Egypt to the snowy climes of THE ARCTIC:

THNX 1056

THNX 1057

THNX 1058

This could easily double as a display in OLD NAVY or THE GAP:

THNX 1063

THNX 1066

Eskimos segued into a celebration of Native American history...Missy experiences what it's like to be inside an "authentic" PUEBLO...

THNX 1077

...and then an "authentic" canoe...

THNX 1078

THNX 1080

THNX 1071

A display case with "authentic" INDIAN BINGO paraphernalia:

THNX 1069

After 3+ hours wandering around the Carnegie Museum, we felt that we had our fill of culture and that it was time to go fill our bellies with food...

THNX 1082

Joe contemplates the fountain:

THNX 1083

An example of Pittsburgh-style street art:

THNX 1085

We decided to hit up PRIMANTI'S so that I might experience a world-famous Primanti's sandwich...Missy searched the menu for vegetarian options:

THNX 1087

We were all really hungry and the service was unbelievably slow...we passed the time by shooting our submission for an APPLEBEE'S commercial that uses footage shot by actual Applebee's regulars:

THNX 1088

I finally got my Primanti's sandwich...what makes a Primanti's sandwich a PRIMANTI'S SANDWICH is the fact that they stuff coleslaw and french fries into the sandwich. Legend has it that they started doing this so that the workers could eat an entire meal with one hand. But according to a poster I read in the restaurant, the real reason they started piling the coleslaw and fries into the sandwich was because they simply didn't have enough plates for everything they served. Anyways, I got the three cheese Primanti's sandwich and it was delicious...even if it was a bit difficult to eat. I crossed off "eating a Primanti's sandwich" from my bucket list - Pittsburgh edition...

THNX 1090

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