Saturday, December 6, 2008

Andy Warhol Looks A Scream

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The Saturday after Black Friday, Missy and I met up with her friends Steve and Cara at the ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM. As with the Carnegie, photography was strictly prohibited - but not entirely impossible. Once again, dodging the docents and security guards, I managed to sneak a few snaps:

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Some original posters:

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A working photobooth under a staircase...we had meant to take some photos before the museum closed, but totally forgot. Oh time:

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The main exhibition going on featured RON POPEIL and his company was a celebration of all the "AS SEEN ON T.V." gadgets and inventions the company pumped out during the 60's, 70's, and 80's, an ode to late-nite consumerism. Mixed in with the Ronco stuff were commercial works that Andy Warhol did before he became a superstar:

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Another room was done up in LUCIENNE DAY's iconic CALYX fabric pattern:

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My favorite room (and I think most everybody's favorite room) in the Andy Warhol Museum is the balloon room, filled with swirling silver foil balloons, the same kind of balloons that used to decorate Warhol's infamous FACTORY:

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THNX 1152

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Afterwards, we took a stroll across the ANDY WARHOL BRIDGE into downtown, to get some dinner:

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At the end of the bridge was this sculpture by Los Angeles-based artist, GLENN KAINO. We had read about this sculpture in a recent issue of GIANT ROBOT and were eager to check it out in person. The sculpture looks like a giant TRANSFORMER, with Pittsburgh's many bright yellow steel bridges forming the limbs and other body parts. It was as if the entire city had transformed itself into a might robot:

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By the time we got back to the museum parking lot, it was cold and dark. We made our way to this sad little hole-in-the-wall bar called KOPEC'S, to see Missy's friend Jordan perform a brief stand-up comedy routine, before finally calling it a night...

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