Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meet Ariel!

It is official! I have adopted a manatee!
I have adopted a manatee with my SHOPPE SUGAR COOKIE ETSY earnings a few weeks back, and finally, FINALLY, she wrote to me! Raoul and I went to the post office one morning and he told me to look on the bottom of a stack of mail, and lo and behold, there it was! My official papers on my manatee, Ariel! Isn't she fab?

This is a photo of my manatee, Ariel.
I have learned alot in reading the newsletter and reading material sent with my official adoption papers. Things like Ariel's age - she is only a few years older than me! She is about 2500 pounds, and is the daughter of Betsy, another adoptee at Homosassa Springs! Jimmy Buffet (of Margaritaville fame) helps with the SAVE THE MANATEE program, too. It makes me respect him more than I ever had before. What a wonderful world!


Rose said...

Cool! I'm gonna make sure Daniel sees this post. Manatees are his spirit animal.

valerie said...

woah! major flashback! i adopted a manatee through them way back when i was in high schoool...i wonder how old floyd is doing these days. thanks for reminding me about the program!

Jacquelyn Michelle said...

how sweet! manatees are such special animals! hi ariel!!

Church of Craft Athens said...

I love that website. I love how they have all the adpotees and stuff. I get the newsletter and there are so many more adoptees now! At other parks and stuff. I hope to visit Ariel someday!