Sunday, September 2, 2012

ETSY Craft Party!

CRAFT 6759

A little over a week ago, RANCHO COCOA (a.k.a., me and Missy), along with TREEHOUSE KID & CRAFT, hosted the worldwide ETSY CRAFT PARTY day. Everyone was invited to come down to the Treehouse store last friday to come hang out, have some snacks, and work on craft projects before hitting up the town for a big night out. Needless to say, it was the perfect setting for a bunch of folks to come together to create and make new friends...the theme of the night was "WISH YOU WERE HERE"...

CRAFT 6752

CRAFT 6753

CRAFT 6764

CRAFT 6765

CRAFT 6763

CRAFT 6718

We brought the BUTTON PRESS so people could design and punch out their very own ONE-INCH BUTTONS...

CRAFT 6719

CRAFT 6720

CRAFT 6721

CRAFT 6722

CRAFT 6723

CRAFT 6724

CRAFT 6725

CRAFT 6726

CRAFT 6727

CRAFT 6728

CRAFT 6731

CRAFT 6732

CRAFT 6736

CRAFT 6737

An enormous THANK YOU goes out to Treehouse for hosting the event at the very last minute, and thank you to everyone who came to hang time, we'll plan this thing out way in advance!

CRAFT 6717

Kristen, owner and proprietor of the always kick-ass TREEHOUSE KID & CRAFT (Thank you, Kristen!):

CRAFT 6761

Rancho Cocoa's very own Missy who runs SHOPPE SUGAR COOKIE on Etsy:

CRAFT 6757

Sara, who's hand painted and printed textiles can be found at SARA LEE PARKER on Etsy:

CRAFT 6735

Karen also came to hang out and craft...Yay, Karen!

CRAFT 6744

Leslie, who is a manager at THE LOFT ART SUPPLIES here in Athens...she also has her MUST KEEP MAKING! shop on Etsy (Katy, photobombing):

CRAFT 6740

Nikki (or was it Nicole? I'm terrible at remembering names. Sorry!) and Lonna...Lonna runs and maintains a ZINE LIBRARY at one of our local library branches!

CRAFT 6738

Linda came and brought old magazines and maps for everyone to cut out and use, as well as some awesome trail mix for the party...and she brought this SCRAPBOOK that she was working on:

CRAFT 6748

Heather came for the sweet hang out and to make some crafts and meet some new peoples (Hi, Heather!):

CRAFT 6746

Homegirls Josie and Allison came and sprinkled their magical pixie dust on everything:

CRAFT 6750

Amelia (on the right) and her friend could not get enough of the button press...look at all those one-inch buttons they made!

CRAFT 6734

Evie, Jean, Katy, and Wyatt...Katy knits and crochets "hats for the revolution" at the KATYDIDNOT shop on Etsy. She does custom requests, too!

CRAFT 6741

...WISH YOU WERE HERE, indeed!


Jenny Holiday said...

ahhh Looks like it was such a FUN FUN time!! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Missy said...

Thanks, Jenny! We had so much fun at this Craft Party. I think we are going to try and make it a monthly event!

Michelle Cornelison said...

Amazing! I don't know how I missed that...


We're going to be bringing Church of Craft Athens back to life and it's probably going to be a once-a-month thing at Treehouse. We'll be sure to let everyone know!