Thursday, August 30, 2012

Craft Party!

CRAFT 6589

CRAFT 6601

Two weeks ago today, Missy and I went to a CRAFT PARTY at Lonna, Katy, and Laura's house. Dena brought over her DARIA dvds and some people brought unwanted clothes for a CLOTHING SWAP. Thurston the cat supervised while people crafted, snacked, and tried on clothes...

CRAFT 6600

CRAFT 6599

CRAFT 6590

CRAFT 6588

CRAFT 6591

Cool TEEN ZINE poster that was hanging up on a wall...can't not love old school TYPWRITERS:

CRAFT 6608

Jean is holding up an old SEBADOH shirt that used to belong to Missy:

CRAFT 6594

CRAFT 6595

CRAFT 6596

I brought the BUTTON PRESS so I could make "FREE PUSSY RIOT" and "SENSITIVE DUDE" one-inch buttons for everyone at the party:

CRAFT 6597

CRAFT 6598

CRAFT 6613

Dig the VAGINA IS MY CO-PILOT pillow sitting on this chair:

CRAFT 6617

CRAFT 6593

CRAFT 6592

CRAFT 6602

CRAFT 6603

CRAFT 6605

CRAFT 6604

CRAFT 6618

CRAFT 6606

Before we left the party, we promised that we would host the next "craft party"...on our way out, Missy couldn't resist pulling a few tricks on the TREE SWING in the backyard...

CRAFT 6610

CRAFT 6609


Michelle Cornelison said...

Loving the Pussy Riot buttons! Great idea. I'm glad the cat liked them too...

Missy said...

Thanks, Michelle! Cats love these buttons!


Thank you, Michelle! Hey, we saw your stuff at Community today!