Friday, September 28, 2012

Sriracha Peanut Butter Donut

DONUT 7247

Just real quick...we got out of work early today and we stopped at IKE & JANE on our way home. Not surprisingly, the only donuts left by the time we got there was this platter of SRIRACHA AND PEANUT BUTTER DONUTS. I just had to be one of the few brave souls to try it out. Now, I like Sriracha hot sauce. And I like peanut butter. So, in theory, I should like this donut, right? Well, I'm about to find out...I can tell you right off the bat that the smell of the Sriracha is really strong, and they put a good amount on the, I know at the very least, it's gonna be spicy...maybe check the comments section for my review...HAPPY FRIDAY!

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Wooooo....spicy! It's definitely more on the savory side than sweet. It took me a couple of bites to get used to the taste. By the third bite, the donut became infinitely more enjoyable. I would definitely get it again, but only need one to do the trick. It's a lot of Sriracha and a lot of peanut butter. Also, the peanuts add a nice crunchy texture.

When I told Missy that I would be willing to eat another one of these donuts again, she made a funny face at me...she won't be trying the Sriracha Peanut Butter Donut anytime soon!