Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lotta Locket Love

I have been really into making lockets lately! I have so much locket love locked up inside...! Here are some of my lovely little treasures I have been making from vintage lockets.

I love to draw, and I love to draw animals. Most of my lockets have incorporated my love of animals and soft colors.


I also am inspired by "woodland getaway" types of images, so I look on Pinterest and magazines for amazing photos and illustrations. Each one of my lockets holds an original one of a kind artwork.

I was testing myself to see how tiny I could draw. This is a really small locket, the images are less than a quarter of an inch. Now that is small!



This last one is one of my favorites! I have always loved deer. I also like the "Smurfy" traditional mushroom with a red cap. I think they look fabulous together and I really love making a bow around the deer's neck.

As always, these tiny treasures can be found at Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy!

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