Monday, April 16, 2012

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Good morning bunnies.

Oreo and Jumbles.
Oreo and Jumbles are best friends. Oreo likes it when Jumbles grooms her ears. This is what she is doing in this picture. She puts her head under his chin so he can groom her. he does this to her, too. Sometimes they do this and neither one will groom the other, so it becomes a game.

Bunny flop.
When Oreo is really happy, she flops on her side. It is adorable to witness! I love when she does this, so you have to keep her very happy so she will flop.

Jumbled says how much he loves to tear up the paper into confetti.
This is Jumbles in motion - his favorite activity is tearing the paper to shreds that is in his pan. Here he is making me lots of "confetti." He does this the most after I change the paper and hay in his pan. This is funny to watch, and if you are not in the bun's room, you can hear him tearing paper like crazy. Silly bun.

Both of our bunnies love to eat from this radish-shaped dish. Oreo sometimes yanks it out from under poor Jumbles when he is chewing.

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