Monday, April 2, 2012

Jumbles Turns One

Jumbles 0891
Today is Jumbles Day! Happy Adoption Day to our baby bun, Jumbles! We adopted him as a friend for little Oreo. Oreo was abandoned in a parking lot on Valentine's Day in 2009. We took her home and loved her from the moment we brought her home. We now have a happy "husbun" for Oreo, and Jumbles has come a long way since last April. Jumbles was adopted from North Georgia House Rabbit Society, and all the rabbits there are rescues. Jumbles was the best bunny friend for Oreo, as he is very calm compared to her busy personality. Jumbles was a shy bunny at first, but now he is more relaxed after getting used to his new home with us. We love you, Jumbles. You are the best and you are so cute, too. Let's watch him eat.

Jumbles 0892

Jumbles 0893

Jumbles 0894

Jumbles 0895

Jumbles 0890

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