Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - Thrift Stores and Self Portraits

Drawing of me holding a bunny.
I started to draw some things I found at thrift stores and a few self portraits. I like to draw clothes, so I focused on that. I also love to draw bunnies, so I added that, too! Only I am not good at picking up our pet rabbits at all. They are much too wiggly!

Some drawings of stuff I found at vintage shops.
Here is a mug, a ceramic planter, and a dress I found at thrift shops. I might put them into a zine some day.

Inked drawing of me and another in pencil sketch form.
These are some drawings of clothing I got in vintage shops. The first one is me in the 1990's wearing a shirt dress from a friend and some Doc Martens shoes that I bought a few sizes too big. Why did I do that? The other pencil sketch is a top I got downtown - it makes me look like a waitress!

Squirrel drawing - I got this at a thrift sale.
I found this plush squirrel at a thrift sale - and this squirrel is wearing a pink floral pattern dress!

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