Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Bunny for Baby Mavis

Wool felt bunny 0658
Our friends Jo and Andre had a baby girl last month. We were so happy for them! So I made their new little girl, baby Mavis, a little bunny made from wool felt. I really love how this baby bunny turned out.

Wool felt bunny 0656
The bunny is made from lovely wooly felt. I used Japanese linen cloth for the belly. The dots are really cute!

Wool felt bunny 0655

Wool felt bunny 0660
Wool felt is very nice to work with. Can't wait until Mavis is big enough to play with this softie!


loopysos said...

Aww that's so sweet, wish I had friends that made me stuff, that's so thoughtful, creative and lovely. Oh gosh anybody think I was pregnant or had a child, by the way I am not to either of it.x

loopysos said...

So thoughtful, creative and lovely- the gift. Can I have friend like you please?! x

Missy said...

Thank you! I loved making this rabbit. Maybe I will make more!