Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm Beginning To See The Light

IKEA 4052

We went to the IKEA in Atlanta this weekend in our never-ending search of lighting options for one of the rooms here at The Ranch. We're trying to find something nice that isn't another CEILING FAN (we already have four of them in the house). So far, we haven't been able to find something we like anywhere and IKEA was no exception. In the end, we just ended up with a couple of cheap throw rugs and storage boxes...oh well...

IKEA 4054

IKEA 4055

IKEA 4056

IKEA 4057

Missy returning from a visit to NARNIA:

IKEA 4059

IKEA 4060

These reminded me of LICORICE ALLSORTS candy:

IKEA 4064

IKEA 4063

IKEA 4065

IKEA 4066

IKEA 4068

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