Friday, April 27, 2012

Aurum Studio Art Exhibit

We went to an opening at local jewelry and art space called Aurum Studio. I have to say, of all my years living here, I have never visited Aurum. It is a beautiful shop full of silver jewelry of all kinds, but the opening was an extension of the University of Georgia MFA show. You can see some of the MFA photos here in this post.

Aurum Studio 3026
We went to see some new items by my local favorite artist, Kyungmin Park. I may have said it before, but I really love Kyungmin's characters and colors! We popped in really fast to see some, so I just took a few photos.

Aurum Studio 3030
This is the moon face, and our friend Gary is the proud owner of this piece once the show leaves Aurum.

Aurum Studio 3028

Aurum Studio 3027

Aurum Studio 3033
I loved this little guy sleeping on a real pillow!

Aurum Studio 3032
These are by artist Taehoon Kim. I really enjoy the combo of the ceramics and the soft fabric pillow.

Aurum Studio 3034
This was Raoul's favorite.

Aurum Studio 3036

Aurum Studio 3037

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