Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zoo Day Birthday

Last Saturday was my birthday. I got to choose the activity, so we headed to Zoo Atlanta to see some of their new baby animals. My parents and I went a few years ago, but they have more baby animals that have been born within the last year or so. I thought that this was the best thing to do before they grew up. Here are some of my favorite photos I took that day.

Zoo 0002

Zoo 0011

Zoo 0039
Here are the kangaroos eating some kale. They have a baby kangaroo, too. We saw the momma and you can tell she had a joey in her pouch.

Zoo 0035
Here she is standing with the baby in her pouch. The zoo keepers said the baby was born six months ago and has not left the pouch yet.

Zoo 0049
There is the baby's paw - can you see it? They also told us that the baby will be out and about within the next month. They told me the kangaroos have soft fur.

Zoo 0058
We went round to the pandas habitat next. This one was outside eating bamboo. They have a new baby panda, but we could not see this panda. I think it was hiding from everyone.

Zoo 0063
Here is the momma panda. She kept scratching her bum on this branch in their home.

Zoo 0069

Zoo 0072

Zoo 0074
This panda is the three year old baby. So big for a baby!

Zoo 0089
Next was the petting zoo! These goats and sheep are really sweet.

Zoo 0091

Zoo 0101

Zoo 0111

Zoo 0122
Then we came back around and got to see the kangaroos again! We spotted the baby in the pouch! It was amazing! Sooooo cute and adorable. It makes me want a baby kangaroo now.

Zoo 0124

Zoo 0123

Zoo 0133
I thought they were so cute.

Zoo 0139

Zoo 0164

Zoo 0175

Zoo 0195

Zoo 0198
The momma giraffe and baby were so beautiful. Here they are. They were grazing on the leaves and grass in the back of their home. They share their home with zebra and ostrich. They baby was born in July.

Zoo 0214

Zoo 0227

Zoo 0242
These two were very lovey-dovey! You can tell.

Zoo 0271
Then there was the baby gorillas! This is the youngest baby gorilla.

Zoo 0279

Zoo 0280
Such a sweet face. I love it.

Zoo 0286
You can see another baby that is riding on the back of the mom. That is the older baby gorilla.

Zoo 0291

Zoo 0288

Zoo 0296

Zoo 0306
This is my best picture of the tiger cubs. They are super cute. They were resting in the sunshine.

Zoo 0324
One of my favorites is the otter. The otters were really playful, too!

Zoo 0325

Zoo 0326

Zoo 0341

Zoo 0350
The young orangutan liked to be a show off for the crowd.

Zoo 0361

Zoo 0353
This is the orangutan momma and baby! How cute they are.

Zoo 0343

Zoo 0373
Here is another favorite of mine - the red panda. This is the best picture I got. I had to be fast to get a picture of this red panda. I love the color fur and the markings on the face.

Zoo 0384

Zoo 0390

Zoo 0391
The naked mole rats were strange!!

Zoo 0401
And these wild animals even stranger - oh wait, that is my Mom and Dad! Sorry!!

And there was some pictures from our trip to the zoo.


Emelia said...

Oh my goodness, all those babies! Looks like an awesome way to spend ones birthday. ^.^

Jodi Firth said...

I missed visiting our Cincinnati Zoo babies this year so it was really great to see yours. Loooove the little roo roo in the pouch. You guys have such a great blog. The creativity, quirkiness and sweetness of your art / photos make me smile! Thank you and I'm adding you to my blogroll! :)

Tofu Baby said...
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Missy said...


It was a fun birthday! All those animals were really neat to see.

Jodi - The baby kangaroo was really special. I never thought I would ever see such a thing! I am glad you like our blog!

Raine said...

what camera do you use? :) the photos are great!

Missy said...


Hello! Thank you. I used a Canon G10 for my photos. It works really good for far away pictures! :)